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These clients love A4 and you will too!

Check out these reviews directly from our clients!


“After a spinal injury, AJ has put me back into the driver's seat for the upcoming season, mastering my strength, endurance, and mobility. Highly recommend him as he’s very knowledgeable about his work and the atmosphere is flawless! Gains Baby!”

Jimmy Adkins - Salisbury University Baseball

Was looking for a gym/trainer that could help my daughter get healthy and improve her strength and speed. We walked into A4 training and immediately knew this was the place for her. AJ and Sarah both answered any questions and addressed any concerns we had. Addison has been training with Sarah for just about 8 weeks and Sarah has been able to recognize her strengths and weaknesses and build a program for Addison that will push her to meet her goals. Addison has seen improvements in her speed and overall strength and that has given her a huge boost in her confidence.  

Addison McCary - Velocity Softball

Softball Pitcher

After years years without stepping foot in a gym, I felt nervous and anxious about starting my fitness journey all over again. From the moment I met Sarah and walked into A4, those feelings were lifted. The environment at A4 immediately made me feel comfortable, unjudged, and excited to see what my body could do. Sarah patiently taught me everything I needed to know to safely and correctly work out. I have seen changes in my body and capability I never thought I would! Even when I wanted to give up, everyone there is always encouraging and supportive. There's a care factor there you don't typically find in a gym. From checking in, to pushing my limits, they have always made it about ME and where I want to see myself.

Mariah Clock - Pohanka Employee

Weight Loss Client

A4 is the place to be! I’ve been training with A4 for a little more than 2 years and it has been nothing but positive. Everything I have done in the weight room has benefited me on the baseball field over the past year and I look forward to the future.

Matt Rodriguez - Del Tech Baseball

Tire Flip

"Since I began training at A4, I have seen my body completely shapeshift! I am leaner & stronger every day. I have seen dramatic changes in my body, not only in how it looks, but what the increased strength & energy allow me to accomplish every day! Knowledgeable staff, judgment-free, ultra-clean facility. Exercise truly is the fountain of youth!"

Gina Shuck - Health Department Employee

“A4 has been more than just a gym for me. The community and atmosphere at A4 continuously encourage me to reach new levels of success day in and day out. Training with AJ for more than a year now has helped me make significant strides on the golf course through increased endurance, stability, power, and focus. He has dedicated himself to every step of my improvement process, and has shown he truly cares about guiding his athletes to success. I always look forward to getting some work done with him and our A4 community.”

Ian Clarke - Catholic University Golf


"Cannot Recommend working with AJ, Sarah, and A4 staff enough. AJ’s positive attitude and motivation have helped me become more confident and self-aware in the gym, on the field, and in the classroom as well. He is everything my mom was looking for in a trainer; passion for fitness, critical thinking, empathy and compassion, great communication skills, and professionalism. A4 is most definitely an up-and-coming elite training facility on Delmarva.  #makeA4yourchoice

Josh Holland - WiHi Football

A4 offers an amazing atmosphere to work out in. I’ve been training with Sarah for 8 months online, and I have to say she is a very professional person. She has motivated me to keep training so I can reach my goals. Sarah has definitely been supportive of my fitness journey!

Iris Romero - Virtual Client

Virtual Client
Delmar Lacrosse

"I have been working with A4 for 6 months, and everything that we have done has helped me improve on the field and in the weight room. I have seen real results in my speed and lifting ability."

Garrett Cooper - Delmar Football & Lacrosse

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