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A4 Facility

A clean training facility with top-notch equipment.

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Indoor Facility

Our indoor facility is 3,000 square feet and features high-quality turf and flooring, strength equipment, and cardio machines. We have everything you need for well-rounded fitness and to optimize your performance.

Our strength equipment is almost all provided by Rogue Fitness. Featuring 4 power racks, a historic monolift, a pair of jerk blocks, plenty of bars, dumbbells ranging from 5 to 100 pounds, and kettlebells from 18 to 64 pounds, we have all of the tools you need for free-weight training.

Additionally, we have a leg press, 6-cable multi-function cable tower, a dual-adjustable cable system, a belt squat, leg extension/leg curl machine, chest press, 2 stationary bikes, and a treadmill. These machines are extremely versatile, allowing you to maximize gains.

We have a 7 x 20 yard stretch of turf with more than enough room for speed, agility, and change of direction work. We have hurdles and plyo boxes for plyometrics, and our "Rage Wall" for medball throws with our wide range of medballs. Additionally, we have sleds, foam rollers, PVC pipes, and more!


Outdoor Facility

Our outdoor facility features a 55 x 23-yard turf field for speed and agility training. This field allows us to train top-speed and run 40-yard dashes. Additionally, it gives our athletes an area to do sport-specific training. We currently have a field hockey goal and plan to add soccer and lacrosse goals soon! Our turf field also features old tires and serves as a great place for strongman and CrossFit training!

Not only is our turf a great place for training, but it can be used for recreational sports. Some of the games our members like to play include spike ball, volleyball, and football! We also have an outdoor pickleball court which is available to our members !

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