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Dynamic Duo

East Coast Titans Baseball and A4 Training began our official partnership in the Fall of 2022. In just one year, we have worked together to help over 50 athletes become the best version of themselves on and off the field.  Our partnership thrives because both organizations strive to help young athletes reach their full potential in all aspects of life. As a sports performance facility, A4 offers strength and conditioning for Titans players to enhance their physical development. Check out 3 of our most consistent Titans athletes below!


Parks Pusey - 10U

"A4 made my arm stronger so I can throw faster and hit the ball further. I can run faster now and that helps me steal more bases."


Cory Fisher - 16U

"A4 has helped me tremendously with my overall speed, agility, and explosiveness. With the great coaching staff that is there you will learn a lot of things that will develop and impact your game tremendously while also having fun and feeling comfortable with the people around. So come Run With The Pack!!"


Paxton Green - 13U Gold

"A4 has helped me get stronger and it has helped me get better at the sport I love."


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Fall Training starts 8/21

Our Fall Program starts August 21st! The fall sets the stage for preseason training and is an important time of year for physical development in young baseball athletes. Sign up below!

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