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Our Volleyball Program will feature 1 group this summer. We recently introduced volleyball to the variety of sports we work with, and we are excited to grow our Volleyball Program this summer! Athletes will have individualized programs but still learn how to work together. This program will be geared towards jumping higher and getting stronger, more explosive, and more resilient. Athletes will become physically prepared for the upcoming fall season. It will also provide a framework to build leadership skills, communication skills, and confidence.

Varsity Volleyball Summer 2024 Flyer.png

Varsity Volleyball

Our Volleyball Program is designed for athletes 14-18 years old. This program will be geared to match the physiological demands of volleyball with explosive movements, heavy lifting, mobility, and injury prevention. Our Strive Recovery Room powered by Hyperice is included. It will also help prepare high school athletes for volleyball at the collegiate level.

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