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Our Football Program will be divided into 2 different groups based on age to ensure each athlete is receiving the training best suited for them. Within each group, athletes will have individualized programs but still learn how to work together. Programs will be geared towards getting faster, stronger, and more explosive. Both programs will physically and mentally prepare athletes for the upcoming fall season. Each program will also provide a framework to build leadership skills, communication skills, and confidence.

A4 Elite Football Summer Flyer.png

Elite Football

Our Elite Football Program is designed for athletes 11-14 years old. This program includes speed & agility, explosive movements, lifting, injury prevention, and conditioning. It also will include a variety of drills to prepare athletes for the mental demands of football.

Youth Football

Our Youth Football Program is designed for athletes 7-10 years old. This program is focused on teaching proper movement patterns for young kids as they develop. It is focused on speed & agility and bodyweight movements, with an introduction to lifting light weights. Having fun is an important part of all our programs, but especially our youth programs!

A4 Youth Football Summer Flyer.png
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